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Radio Programming Services

I realize that not everyone is as technically astute as I am when it comes to radio programming. As you can see from my DMR section, I am usually more than happy to assist in radio programming (with the right incentive) and because of that, I have quite the collection of radio programming cables and software that I have purchased over the years. I can program most amateur and commercial radios.

So if you have acquired an odd radio that you may not have either the software or the programming cable for, I may be able to assist you if you are in my area. (I prefer not to get involved in shipping electronics, but with some extra incentive, I may be able to be convinced...)

If you don't already have a list of frequencies that you need programmed, you can use my handy form below. Just fill it out and email it to me. (The programming form requires Microsoft Excel to open.)

Programming Services Include:

Basic Frequency Programming (Verification of authorized use may be required)

Includes programming of channel name, RX/TX frequency, and PL/DPL with choice between wide or narrow-band. RX-only setup available. Limited to conventional (non-trunking) systems.

Channel-to-Zone Assignments

Channels will be grouped into specific zones as requested.

Scan Lists

Scan lists define which other channels your radio will scan for transmissions when a particular channel is selected.

MDC Signaling (Verification of authorized use is required)

Commonly used to identify radios, this four-character hexadecimal value is transmitted before and/or after every transmission. These signals are often heard as a "chirp" and values displayed on radios receiving the transmission.

Pager Channel Setup

You can have your radio programmed to alert just like a Motorola Minitor pager.

Button Assignments

You can specify which functions you would like assigned to the various buttons on your radio.

Firmware Updates (available for most radios)

Firmware is the underlying software that makes your radio function. Motorola (and other manufacturers) often release bug-fixes and feature enhancements when firmware is revised. Up-to-date firmware often increases the sale price of used radios. I can perform a full firmware update on most radios.

Radio Cloning

I can clone the identical final configuration to other radios you have, provided they are the same exact model number.


Radio Programming Policy

Please note: My policy on programming transmit frequencies and MDC Signaling information is that you MUST be authorized to transmit on the requested frequency. As an example, if you wish to use your radio as a public safety scanner, great! However, the transmit function for that channel will either be disabled or set to a frequency that you are allowed to transmit on, such as a simplex channel or itinerant business channel.  Due to liability reasons, I cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

I also cannot provide you with a copy of your radio's programming software. As my copies are purchased / licensed, the license agreement prohibits passing out any copies. However, once your radio is programmed I can, upon request, give you a copy of your programming data file for archive / future reference.



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