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I am going to go with the assumption that you know what Echolink is. If not, you can read about it at Echolink.org

*USA-GNG* Conference Server

The *USA-GNG* conference server is running TheBridge, and is host to the USA Grits n' Gravy Gang. Our group is very friendly and all are welcome. We have various nets and a lot of rag chewing. Come and join us!
The server controllers are AB5JK, K1TMM and AB1JU. Feel free to stop in and say hi!

Echolink AB1JU-L RF Link

My Echolink RF link (AB1JU-L) is local to Hays, NC at my QTH. This link is only active as needed and operates on one of three 2 meter frequencies.
The link covers an area of about 15-30 miles from Hays, including North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, Traphill and surrounding communities.
The link will be on one of these three frequencies with a CTCSS code of 100.0:
147.480 - Primary frequency
145.560 - Used only for testing
The link will manually beacon: time, temperature, the weather forecast and the weather conditions. Low Temperature warnings along with weather warnings issued by the National Weather Service will also play as needed.
To manually play the weather, use **1 for the conditions and **2 for the forecast. For current temperature only, use *55.
I also have the capability to provide an Echolink connection to a select group of local repeaters should the need arise and it is requested of me by the repeater owner(s).

  • W4FAR Wilkesboro
  • WB4PZA Wilkesboro
  • N4GGN Millers Creek
  • K4QFQ Sparta
  • N4YSB Yadkinville
  • WA4BVW Mt. Mitchell
  • N4VL Galax
  • K4EZ Fancy Gap (has existing Echolink)
  • W4YSB Ashe County
  • K4ITL Asheboro


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