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I am a techie.  I enjoy and seem to be very good at programming radios. Thus, I have created many programming files for my radios, plus a few for my friends radios.  Below is a listing of some of these files, hopefully they will help you as they helped my friends and I.


The software I like to use is the RT Systems software - I have a copy for each of my radios and it is great!  Some of the files listed are the data files for my radios using this software, so you WILL need a copy of it to use them. (And no, due to the software licensing I cannot provide you with a copy either!)

Other files are just plain old CSV which should import into many radio software programs and can be edited with either a plain text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad++, etc.) or Microsoft Excel.  Enjoy!


RT Systems Files

Kenwood D710A file for Wilkes and Surry County, including the complete North Carolina repeater list.

Kenwood TH-F6A file for Wilkes and Surry County, including an abbreviated North Carolina repeater list.


CSV Files

The complete North Carolina repeater list.

The complete Connecticut repeater list.

A list of the FRS / GMRS frequencies


Radio Propagations

Solar X-rays:
Status Offline
Geomagnetic field:
Status Offline

Solar Terrestrial Data


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